Sulian Thual

Sulian Thual



Tropical Variability, Madden-Julian Oscillation, El Niño Southern Oscillation, Ocean-Atmosphere Dynamics, Stochastic Dynamical and Statistical Models, Fluids and Geophysical Flows, Multiscale problems, Data Assimilation


学士学位(2009),Fluid Mechanics,ENSEEIHT, Toulouse, France

硕士学位(2009年),Ocean-Atmosphere and Continental Surfaces,Météo-France, Toulouse, France

博士学位(2012年),Ocean-Atmosphere Interaction and Climate,LEGOS-OMP, Toulouse, France


2013年 - 2018年 Postdoctoral Research Associate,Department of Mathematics and Center for Atmosphere Ocean Science,Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences,New York University

2018年 - 至今 青年研究员,复旦大学


Journal of Climate, Geophysical Research Letter, Nature Scientific Reports,

Atmospheric and Oceanic Science Letters, Chinese Journal of Oceanology and Limnology等期刊审稿人


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